Video Presentations

The following VIDEO presentations were recorded during the CoreConnect Conference on April 27, 2017 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Once upon a time, there was digital confusion - Brooke Vines, Vines Media; Touseef Mirza, The Advertising Research Foundation

The founders of the conference share their journey and reveal how impact is leveraged in the digital age.

The truth about data insights - Janneke van Geuns, Head of Insights & Analytics, Google

Key, essential, and latest insights you need to know for your brand’s success.

Value of UX: Communication and connection - Regine Gilbert, Professor, General Assembly

Exploring what is user experience and why it is important for you and your customers.

The entrepreneurial mindset: Thrive your own way - Maria Rapetskaya, Creative Director, Undefined Creative

The importance of forging real relationships and redefining growth.

Connect with your audience in the digital world - Patrick Hanlon, Author & CEO of Thinktopia (TO COME)

Thriving in the age of digital transformation: the time is now, from the ground up.

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