What is the CoreConnect Conference?

In the age of information overload and technology, the demands on business leaders to effectively communicate to connect with their consumers has never been greater.

The CoreConnect Conference is created is to provide insights into key characteristics of leadership and explore best practices of connection in the age of digital solutions and precision targeting. We take a candid look at how to effectively lead, work with internal teams, and influence consumers. Our renowned speakers share tools and case studies to help you develop impactful strategies.

Who attends?

This conference is for business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing and communication practitioners, as well as individuals developing personal brands.

Why attend?

  • Learn to discern versus react in the era of rapid change
  • Access your team's best work to unlock innovative and compelling ideas 
  • Create true connection and impact in today's digital world

Thank you to all our speakers, attendees, staff, and sponsors for a successful event!

Thank you to our 2017 sponsors!

The next CoreConnect Conference will be held in New York City in Spring of 2018!

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